The guest house ‘La Maison de la Souque’, is situated at one kilometer from Mirandol-Bourgnounac and moreover, is in the touristic triangle of Albi, Cordes and Villefranche de Rouergue. Marianne welcomes you in her charming totally restored farm where she offers three beautifully decorated rooms.

During your stay, the large 'salon' is at your disposal where the enormous woodburner will heat your fresh soirées. Please feel free to have a look in one of the many cookbooks Marianne has been collecting over the years, also in English. She uses these to be inspired for the table d'hôtes. 



Maison d'hotes Tarn

And of course, during beautiful sunny days, enjoy the garden, surrounded by oak trees and all kind of fruit trees and the calme of the meadows. Take a rest in a chaise-longue and let the Allongez sur des chaises-longues and let the quiet Tarnese life pass by.

Marianne invites you at her table d'hôtes in the big kitchen, on the terrace, next to a bi-centennial olive tree or under the pergola where you can watch the sunset. 

Maison d'hotes Tarn Aveyron

Remerciements à Hans Heus pour ses photos.