Franse language lessons in France

French language lessons in France: You have been going to France on holiday but your French needs some improvements. Or, you have lived in France quite a while and you want to get into  contact with the French easier since your French is just not perfect. Or, you are considering moving to France and you would like to get started learning French.

Marianne is qualified French language teacher (for A- and O-levels) and offers French language lessons, adapted to your needs, private lessons, in small groups, once or more times a week. When you live in the UK or elsewhere, you are very welcome to immerse yourselve in a week course of French language lessons. We will focus on your oral abilities with a minimum of grammar. How can you have a conversation with the French you will meet in France? How to improve your vocabulary? 

You will learn French from different angles, we will use modern media such as short French movies, the news, magazines, a French lesson manual, it will depend of your special learning needs. Marianne will make use of original and actual learning material. 

Franse les in Frankrijk

French language lessons in France

Learn French in France: many possibilities
  • Private lessons for one or two people, once a week (beginners and advanced)
  • Intensive cours of French, lessons Monday till Friday morning, possibility to stay in the chambres d'hôtes.
  • Total immersion of French lessons, Monday till Friday morning French language lessons, in the afternoon excursions and/or cookery lessons, we speak French, of course! You can stay at la Maison de la Souque, with use of the table d'hôtes.

For group lessons: small groups, maximum of six people, with (more or less) a same French knowledge level, as a starting point, to ensure efficient learning. These week lessons take place in spring and autumn. Please do not hesitate to contact for more information and detailed pricing.

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French language lessons in France

About the teacher

Marianne has been coming to France more than 30 years and lived in different regions of France. After her studies of French and getting her grade to become a qualified French language teacher (A- and O-levels) at the University of Amsterdam, she taught French on secondary schools in Amsterdam to children at the age of 12 to 18 years old. Her passion for French language and culture , made her move to the Tarn, south of France. Besides, Marianne is also a chef, trained in Michelin starred restaurants in France. So, obviously you will enjoy also her passion for French cuisine. And of course, one of two cookery lessons can be part of your French language learning experience!
Since seven years she has been teaching French to adults in France.

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